Suppliers & Represented Firms

FamiItalian firm which manufactures high quality storage systems for industrial installations as well as equipment for workshops, production and assembly lines, etc.

StoreVan A firm which belongs to the FAMI SPA group of companies, specialising in fittings for commercial vehicles (van equipment).

TobySwiss firm which we represent since 1960, and belongs to the 'GLUTZ' Holding. Toby's product range includes a large number of devices such as oil controls for central heating boilers and stoves, dosing oilpumps, electrical ignitors, fluestats, oil pumps, etc. Toby's share in the related greek market exceeds 90%.

WeilburgerVarnishes, paints and coatings give a special enhancing quality to a vast number of products. They help in protecting and decorating items that we use in everyday life adding value and strength to them, qualities which are becoming more and more important. WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH is the first industry in Europe to produce coatings for industrial purposes. For more than 180 years we offer a broad spectrum of top quality coatings, for several types of material (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) to which we add special qualities such as non-stickness, insulation, protection from friction, oxidation, chemicals, knocks, light, weather conditions. These coatings resist high temperatures, scratches, tears as well as being elastic.

MarscoAmerican firm which we represent since 1995 and produces (in world wide exclusivity) heat resistant glass with special insulating properties (double-sided coating). This type of glass is used mainly in the self cleaning range doors.

PactanGerman firm which belongs to the Compact Technology GmbH and is represented by us since 1992. Pactan produces mainly silicon-based adhesives for industrial use. All of these adhesives have special properties, always adapted to the customers' needs, such as heat resistance, acid resistance, etc.

WendelGerman firm which we represent since 1970 and produces raw Enamel material in the form of powder or crystals. This is used for dope covering on sheets of iron and cast iron.

CompaktaThis is also a firm which belongs to the Compact Technology GmbH.It produces mainly special materials for the building sector, for example sealing materials, special putty (stucco), etc.Compakta also constructs instruments and devices for the appliance of these materials.

AngloNordicEnglish firm which produces devices and instruments for the detection of leacks, for all industrial gases, for example hydrocarbon, ammonia, frigen, etc.